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Manipulation Russian students staged a “provocative russophobia” with a Ukrainian stand

Propagandists are outraged by the situation that recently happened at the Peoples' friendship university of Russia. As part of the traditional exhibition of the culture of the home countries of the students, a Ukrainian stand was installed. Like, since the flag of Ukraine was on the stand, this means support for the nationalist regime. Moreover, according to a number of Russian officials and media people, the university is a place where the display of the Ukrainian flag is inappropriate and harmful. Propagandists also drew attention to the page of the Ukrainian community of RUDN University on the website of the educational institution. It states that “Ukraine is the Carpathians, vyshyvanka, trembita and the Mriia plane”, which is provocative.

The situation was analyzed by The Insider. According to their findings, this case is an attempt to “cancel” everything Ukrainian in Russia. The symbols, which were called provocative, are unlikely to be russophobic in nature - in particular, the Mriia was designed by the Soviet aircraft designer Viktor Tolmachov, who was born in Kursk, and then studied in Kharkiv and worked in Kyiv. Trembita is a wind instrument, the basis of the Hutsul culture not only in Ukraine, but also in Poland, Slovakia, Romania and Hungary.

Thus, propagandists are trying to justify their aggression against Ukraine. Like, Ukrainian culture and its simple symbols have no right to exist. This may indicate that the real goal of the war against Ukraine is the destruction of an ethnic group that meets the definition of genocide. Detector Media has already investigated how Russian propaganda hangs “russophobia” labels.

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