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Fake Ukraine is preparing an attack on Transnistria

Propagandists are spreading a photo that allegedly depicts an order to prepare Ukraine for an attack on Transnistria. According to it, before February 27, the personnel of the engineer-sapper battalion of the 28th brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which is part of  the Operational Command “South”, was to advance to the village of Kuchurрan, bordering Transnistria. It's fake.

Analysts of the VoxCheck project drew attention to the fake. They found out that the document is a forgery. Several factual errors point to this, in particular:

there is no name of the document in the photo (it is not clear if this is an order, decree or report), while in the messages where this fake appeared for the first time, it is called an order;

the order number is indicated on the right side of the document;

in the upper left corner it should contain information about this order;

the abbreviation SESB (separate engineer-sapper battalion) must be written in capital letters;

settlements are usually indicated without the abbreviation “n.p.” (name of the settlement point);

in the main text of the document they mention 534 SESB, but there is no mention of it in open sources.

Moreover, the document in the photo does not talk about Ukraine's offensive against Transnistria. It only notes the supply of ammunition, which, according to VoxCheck analysts, does not necessarily mean preparations for offensive operations.

Thus, propagandists are trying to destabilize the situation in Europe and shift the responsibility for their possible provocations in Transnistria to the West and Ukraine. Allegedly, Ukraine wanted to attack Russia, and now wants to start a war against Moldova. Recently, there have been more fakes about the situation in Moldova in Russian propaganda. Detector Media has already written about their examples and their true goals.

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