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Fake Ukraine makes a “dirty bomb” with radioactive materials

Propagandists are spreading information that Ukraine is building a nuclear weapon, namely a “dirty bomb”. They say that it is used in a provocation against Transnistria, and for its manufacture, radioactive materials have already been brought to Ukraine from the West, namely California-252. It's fake.

StopFake analysts drew attention to it. They found that Californium-252 is an extremely rare and expensive radioactive metal. It does not occur in nature, and its production is made exclusively in the laboratory and lasts an average of two years. Only two countries in the world produce California-252: the USA and Russia. Due to the specifics of production, the price per gram of this metal can reach $ 27 million, so it is not stored in large quantities in warehouses, as the Russians say. In addition, its use is closely monitored by a number of US and international agencies. The speaker of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Oleh Nikolaienko has already called the inventions of propagandists “fake”.

Thus, propagandists try to justify the actions of the aggressor again and shift the responsibility for them to the victim of aggression. Like, Russia is fighting against a disenfranchised Ukraine that wants to destroy Europe. Detector Media has already written about disinformation about the alleged creation of nuclear weapons by Ukraine, which the IAEA once denied.

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