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Detector Media collects and documents real-time chronicles of the Kremlin disinformation about the Russian invasion. Ukraine for decades has been suffering from Kremlin disinformation. Here we document all narratives, messages, and tactics, which Russia is using from February 17th, 2022. Reminder: the increasing of shelling and fighting by militants happened on the 17th of February 2022 on the territory of Ukraine. Russian propaganda blames Ukraine for these actions.

On 18 July, on the 875th day of the full-scale war, our editorial office recorded:

Русскій фейк, іді на***!

Fake In Ukraine, children are allegedly sold for organs or into sexual slavery

Propagandists are again spreading fake news about the Ukrainian healthcare system, in particular about organ transplantation. They claim that former CIA agent Larry Johnson, in an interview on the YouTube channel Judging Freedom, said that in Ukraine children are sold for organs or given into sexual slavery. However, his statement is not true.

This was found out by specialists from the VoxCheck project. They found an interview with Larry Johnson, where he said that the West is selling Ukrainian children to remove their organs or use them in sexual slavery. However, Larry Johnson is not a reliable source of information. He systematically discredits Ukraine by spreading fake news about the destruction of air defense systems, so-called mercenaries, and support for Russian conditions to end the war. The host of the Judge Napolitano - Judging Freedom channel, Andrew Napolitano, also supports the Kremlin propaganda, in particular accusing the United States of “direct war with Russia”.

Previously, the Commissioner for Human Rights in Ukraine noted isolated cases of illegal removal of children from Ukraine, but there were no reports of their sale in Western countries. There is no evidence of child trafficking for organ removal.

The European Group of Experts on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings (GRETA) said in its 2023 report that two Ukrainian women were likely victims of sexual exploitation in the Netherlands in 2022, but it is unknown whether any of them were minors. In Poland, 5 cases of human trafficking were investigated, where two 17-year-old Ukrainian women were forced to provide sexual services. One case has been confirmed. The report contains no information about children being sold for organs in the EU, and Larry Johnson did not provide any evidence for his claims.

Propagandists spread such disinformation statements from media figures to create “false confirmation” of their messages. Allegedly, if a foreigner said it, it’s true.

Fake The wife of the attacker on the Slovak prime minister is allegedly a refugee from Ukraine and pushed the man to commit the assassination attempt

Propagandists are disseminating information that the wife of Juraj Chintula, who shot Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, is allegedly a “refugee from Ukraine” and incited her husband to take revenge on Fico because of his critical position towards Ukraine. The Russians claim that the woman was allegedly arrested, but do not specify the charges. Some Russian social media users call Chintula’s actions a “SBU operation”, comparing them to terrorist attacks in Russia, and point out that the shooter had pro-Ukrainian views.

In fact, Juraj Chintula’s wife is not a Ukrainian refugee and did not incite her husband to take revenge on Fico. This was found out by specialists from the StopFake project.

According to Slovak media, Chintula’s wife worked as a teacher at a gymnasium. However, they do not mention anywhere that she is Ukrainian. Neighbors describe them as a “very friendly couple” who have lived together for decades and have two adult children, far longer than the concept of “Ukrainian refugees” from Russian aggression against Ukraine has existed.

According to the Slovak website Pluska.sk, Chintula's wife was summoned for questioning in connection with the attempted murder of Robert Fico. She was accompanied by investigators as she left the apartment, covering her face. Juraj Chintula was a former miner, bodyguard and writer. The couple's son Chintul is also in shock and does not know his father's motives. Elenka, Chintula's wife, hides her face for fear of persecution.

The motive for his assassination attempt on Robert Fico in the press was initially disapproval of government policies. However, according to Euronews, investigative journalist Szabolcs Panyi found Facebook posts where Chintula supported the pro-Russian paramilitary group Slovenski Branci, known for ties to the Kremlin. According to TV Markiza, Chintula planned the attack several days in advance, having legally owned the weapon for more than 30 years.

Robert Fico was wounded after a government meeting in the city of Handlove. He is now in hospital in Banska Bystrica, his condition is serious. Police charged 71-year-old Chintul with attempted revenge murder.

The fakes about the “Ukrainian trace” in the assassination attempt on Fico are an attempt by Russian propaganda to discredit Ukraine in the international arena and deprive it of support.

Manipulation Ukrainian authorities allegedly purchased several hundred SUVs so that “the police could catch evaders”

A video depicting hundreds of SUVs with beacons and symbols of the National Police of Ukraine is being circulated on social networks. The videos are accompanied by the caption: “Are we going to collect from people for cars for the front?” In the comments to the video, some users are outraged - they say that the government, allegedly ignoring the needs of the front, purchased these cars for the police to “make it easier to catch evaders”.

In fact, this video is being circulated without proper context and does not depict the actual events. Specialists from the StopFake project drew attention to this.

They found out that the video actually shows 635 crossovers with environmentally friendly Mitsubishi Outlander engines, which were purchased back in 2017 by the Ministry of Internal Affairs under the Kyoto Protocol. Ukraine ratified the Kyoto Protocol on February 4, 2004. According to the protocol, a maximum permissible limit for greenhouse gas emissions is established for each country. Ukraine did not use its entire quota - the remainder was sold to Japan for money or in exchange for goods. This video was published by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in May 2017.

Its representatives noted that these vehicles are intended for the needs of patrol police, rapid response teams, prevention units and bomb technicians.

Propagandists pick up such manipulations in order to disrupt the mobilization process in Ukraine and cause public distrust in state institutions. Detector Media also refuted other Russian manipulations of mobilization in Ukraine.

Message The EU will supposedly disappear after the European Parliament elections

Russian propaganda continues to spread disinformation in an attempt to interfere with the democratic processes of the European Union. Russians claim that the European Parliament elections held in June will allegedly lead to a situation similar to the collapse of the USSR. They say that regardless of which parties win them, the new schedule of forces, according to them, will lead to the collapse of the EU, since it has long gone beyond the scope of the “club of interests”. “Does this mean that the victory of the globalists will bring stability to Europe? Not at all. Everything will be the other way around. If the “Euro-heretics” simply collapse the EU, then the “European Inquisition” will destroy Europe, turning it into an economic and political periphery, thrown to the margins of global historical processes”, write propagandists.

These statements of Russian propaganda are untrue and aimed at undermining citizens' trust in national institutions. StopFake project specialists refuted them using statistical data. They found that according to research by the international Eurobarometer project, which regularly conducts public opinion polls on behalf of European institutions, the positive image of the EU among citizens of member countries has reached its highest historical level. This happened against the backdrop of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, according to the April 2024 study.

According to the survey, almost three-quarters of EU citizens (73%) say that EU actions have a direct impact on their daily lives. In addition, the majority of Europeans agree that their country would benefit from EU membership (71%). These results remain high across the EU, the study authors note.

The Eurobarometer survey also recorded significant interest among EU citizens in the upcoming elections to the European Parliament. In particular, Europeans want to see the fight against poverty and social exclusion (33%), as well as support for public health (32%) among the main issues discussed during the election campaign. EU defense and security are in third place (31%) - the importance of this item for Europeans has increased significantly in light of Russian aggression against Ukraine, the study says.

Orest Slyvenko, Artur Koldomasov, Vitalii Mykhailiv, Oleksandra Kotenko, Oleksandr Siedin, Kostiantyn Zadyraka, and Oleksiy Pivtorak are collaborating on this chronicle. Lesia Bidochko serves as the project coordinator, while Ksenia Ilyuk is the author of the project.