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Manipulation Ukrainian authorities allegedly purchased several hundred SUVs so that “the police could catch evaders”

A video depicting hundreds of SUVs with beacons and symbols of the National Police of Ukraine is being circulated on social networks. The videos are accompanied by the caption: “Are we going to collect from people for cars for the front?” In the comments to the video, some users are outraged - they say that the government, allegedly ignoring the needs of the front, purchased these cars for the police to “make it easier to catch evaders”.

In fact, this video is being circulated without proper context and does not depict the actual events. Specialists from the StopFake project drew attention to this.

They found out that the video actually shows 635 crossovers with environmentally friendly Mitsubishi Outlander engines, which were purchased back in 2017 by the Ministry of Internal Affairs under the Kyoto Protocol. Ukraine ratified the Kyoto Protocol on February 4, 2004. According to the protocol, a maximum permissible limit for greenhouse gas emissions is established for each country. Ukraine did not use its entire quota - the remainder was sold to Japan for money or in exchange for goods. This video was published by the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in May 2017.

Its representatives noted that these vehicles are intended for the needs of patrol police, rapid response teams, prevention units and bomb technicians.

Propagandists pick up such manipulations in order to disrupt the mobilization process in Ukraine and cause public distrust in state institutions. Detector Media also refuted other Russian manipulations of mobilization in Ukraine.

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