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Fake The wife of the attacker on the Slovak prime minister is allegedly a refugee from Ukraine and pushed the man to commit the assassination attempt

Propagandists are disseminating information that the wife of Juraj Chintula, who shot Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico, is allegedly a “refugee from Ukraine” and incited her husband to take revenge on Fico because of his critical position towards Ukraine. The Russians claim that the woman was allegedly arrested, but do not specify the charges. Some Russian social media users call Chintula’s actions a “SBU operation”, comparing them to terrorist attacks in Russia, and point out that the shooter had pro-Ukrainian views.

In fact, Juraj Chintula’s wife is not a Ukrainian refugee and did not incite her husband to take revenge on Fico. This was found out by specialists from the StopFake project.

According to Slovak media, Chintula’s wife worked as a teacher at a gymnasium. However, they do not mention anywhere that she is Ukrainian. Neighbors describe them as a “very friendly couple” who have lived together for decades and have two adult children, far longer than the concept of “Ukrainian refugees” from Russian aggression against Ukraine has existed.

According to the Slovak website Pluska.sk, Chintula's wife was summoned for questioning in connection with the attempted murder of Robert Fico. She was accompanied by investigators as she left the apartment, covering her face. Juraj Chintula was a former miner, bodyguard and writer. The couple's son Chintul is also in shock and does not know his father's motives. Elenka, Chintula's wife, hides her face for fear of persecution.

The motive for his assassination attempt on Robert Fico in the press was initially disapproval of government policies. However, according to Euronews, investigative journalist Szabolcs Panyi found Facebook posts where Chintula supported the pro-Russian paramilitary group Slovenski Branci, known for ties to the Kremlin. According to TV Markiza, Chintula planned the attack several days in advance, having legally owned the weapon for more than 30 years.

Robert Fico was wounded after a government meeting in the city of Handlove. He is now in hospital in Banska Bystrica, his condition is serious. Police charged 71-year-old Chintul with attempted revenge murder.

The fakes about the “Ukrainian trace” in the assassination attempt on Fico are an attempt by Russian propaganda to discredit Ukraine in the international arena and deprive it of support.

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