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Message Depleted uranium shells are a dirty nuclear bomb

This thesis appeared in the Russian propaganda media. Like, a projectile made of depleted uranium does not emit radiation, but is very toxic, because its dust can get into the human respiratory tract. This is what, according to Russian propaganda, is a “dirty” nuclear bomb, the use of which Russian propagandists wrote about in the spring of 2022.

Analysts of the EU vs Disinfo project drew attention to the case. Analysts say this message is part of a Kremlin disinformation campaign that is bringing fear of the use of nuclear weapons. Thus, Russia seeks to expose Ukraine as a threat. Allegedly, it is precisely because of Ukraine and the use of shells with depleted uranium that it will cause irreparable consequences. This is how propaganda transfers responsibility for what it does in Ukraine. They say that Ukraine itself is an aggressor.

However, depleted uranium projectiles are not considered nuclear weapons and even so-called dirty ones.

“They are not designed to poison people. They are used because of their ability to penetrate armor”, says Dr. Maryna Miron from King's College London.

Depleted uranium has a greater density than ordinary steel: about 2.5 times and about 1.5 times denser than lead. This is what allows the tank projectile to gain more momentum and more effectively penetrate armor.

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