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Fake The Verkhovna Rada wants to reduce the conscription age to 16 years

Russian media and social media users have spread the statement of Ilya Kiva, a former People's Deputy from OPZZh, suspected of treason, that the Verkhovna Rada is allegedly ready to consider a resolution that could reduce the conscription age to 16 and allow women without children to join the army. Kiva also distributed a screenshot of the alleged ruling.

We remind that in Ukraine changes to laws are made through bills. At the same time, the number 7333 on the website of the Ukrainian Parliament registered not "Resolution on Amendments to the Law on Conscription into the Army, providing priority measures to strengthen the state's defense capabilities," but the draft law "On Amendments to the Criminal Code of Ukraine on the exemption from criminal liability martial law with voluntary compensation. " In addition, the Law on Conscription and Military Service regulates conscription issues in Ukraine. Part of the "Measures to strengthen the state's defense capabilities" is in the document "On priority measures to strengthen the state's defense capabilities, increase the attractiveness of military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the gradual transition to a professional army," entitled Decree, increasing the number and strengthening the Armed Forces. The President of Ukraine signed this decree on February 1, 2022.

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