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Manipulation There will be famine in the world because of sanctions against Russian fertilizers

 Russian media are spreading a statement by an associate professor at a Russian university who predicts world hunger allegedly due to sanctions against Russian fertilizers. He denies the facts and says that Ukraine cannot be called the leading exporter of grain globally, that "without Ukrainian grain, there will be no famine in the world," saying that "the shortage of Russian fertilizers threatens serious problems," StopFake reports. "Russian propaganda is again trying to present itself as a victim, not an aggressor in this war. To this end, Moscow is spreading the narrative that it is not the war against Ukraine and the blocking of grain supplies from Ukrainian ports that will cause famine. Still, sanctions against Russia and, consequently, cause the lack of Russian fertilizers on the world market, "the fact-checkers said. In fact, according to ING Economics, Ukraine accounts for 12% of world wheat exports and 17% of world corn exports; Ukraine is also the world's largest exporter of oil. Ukraine is also the world's largest supplier of fertilizers, and Russia's war against Ukraine has disrupted its exports and logistics. Russia has also temporarily occupied some parts of the region in the south and blocked Ukrainian ports, thus hindering grain exports to world markets. At the same time, Europe has not wholly abolished the import of fertilizers from Russia, only imposed restrictions on the import of some Russian fertilizers, allowing the import of 2.6 million tons per year. Also, some countries plan to reduce their dependence on imports and fertilizers over time. 

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