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Manipulation The WHO has denied reports of an outbreak of cholera in Mariupol

Russian media and pro-Kremlin telegram channels spread information that the Ukrainian authorities were lying about the cholera outbreak in Mariupol, saying that the WHO had already denied this information. Thus, Russian propaganda is trying to undermine public confidence in the Ukrainian government and hide the actual situation in Mariupol.

In fact, on May 17, the WHO warned of a possible cholera outbreak in Mariupol due to problems with water shortages and water quality. WHO Incident Manager for Ukraine Dorit Nitzan said that the organization had received information from NGOs that sewage was mixed with drinking water in Mariupol: “This threatens the spread of many diseases, especially cholera. We are preparing for this; we are preparing vaccines; we cooperate with non-governmental organizations that can go there and support people. " On June 6, similar statements were made by Ukraine's chief state sanitary doctor, Ihor Kuzin, and the mayor's adviser, Petro Andryushchenko. They were talking about the threat of an outbreak of cholera.

At the same time, the Russian media spread the statement of the WHO spokeswoman Margaret Harris, who allegedly denied the information about the cholera outbreak in Mariupol. In fact, Harris said the risk of a cholera outbreak in Mariupol was high, but the WHO could not confirm "whether there is a current outbreak in the absence of a systematic epidemiological investigation and confirmation of laboratory testing (PCR)." Margaret Garris also added that the WHO was looking for opportunities to get to Mariupol through partners, but it is still challenging.

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