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Fake Colonel of the Polish Army Dariusz Maichzak is fighting in Ukraine; his documents were found in Severodonetsk

 The Russian media and social networks spread a fake that Polish Army Colonel Dariusz Majchrzak is allegedly fighting on the side of Ukraine, claiming that this is confirmed by "documents" for a KIA Sorento named Dariusz Majchrzak, which the Russian military found in Sievierodonetsk. This fake promote the narrative that "Russia is at war with NATO in Ukraine." StopFake reported that Dariusz Majchrzak is indeed a colonel in the Polish army. However, he did not participate in any hostilities on the territory of Ukraine and is currently in Poland. In particular, on June 6, Majchrzhak participated in a public event at the Academy of Martial Arts, where he works. The Academy also noted that the found "documents" for the car generally belong to another person, as evidenced by the identification number (PESEL). 

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