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Detector Media collects and documents real-time chronicles of the Kremlin disinformation about the Russian invasion. Ukraine for decades has been suffering from Kremlin disinformation. Here we document all narratives, messages, and tactics, which Russia is using from February 17th, 2022. Reminder: the increasing of shelling and fighting by militants happened on the 17th of February 2022 on the territory of Ukraine. Russian propaganda blames Ukraine for these actions.

On 18 June, on the 845th day of the full-scale war, our editorial office recorded:

Русскій фейк, іді на***!

Message Olena Zelenska “deceived” the government of the United Arab Emirates

In the Russian segment of social networks, information is being circulated that the Olena Zelenska Foundation deceived the UAE government - after all, the country allocated 50 evacuation vehicles for humanitarian needs. At the same time, the foundation, together with the Ministry of Health, handed them over to military doctors, which anonymous people classify as an inappropriate use of assistance.

Analysts of the VoxCheck project explained that in this case there is not a single so-called deception. After all, the cars were transferred to hospitals in the front-line territories, and not directly to the military. The vehicles will be used by doctors in front-line areas to provide prompt assistance to the civilian population.

The recipient of the ambulances is the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, which carried out further distribution to those regions that most need special transport for medical evacuation and assistance. That is, on the Ukrainian side, it fulfilled the conditions for providing cars with a humanitarian function.

Fake A Territorial center of recruitment and social support employee allegedly called a military man’s wife a “katsap woman”

Social networks in the Russian segment are disseminating information that an employee of one of the local territorial recruitment and social support centers addressed the wife of a Ukrainian prisoner of war, saying that “she is a katsap’s (Russian) wife, and he is the master of his country”. Allegedly, this happened during a meeting between the relatives of the prisoners and the city administration of the city of Lozova, Kharkiv region. Photos are attached to the publication, which supposedly should testify to the words of an employee of the Territorial center of recruitment and social support . It is not true.

The VoxCheck specialists analyzed this case and found out that the quote from the so-called Territorial center of recruitment and social support employee was simply made up. After all, at first these messages were published on telegram channels of the Russian segment and subsequently replicated online without indicating the original source. A reverse search on Google showed that the photos used in the publication were actually taken in Lozova during a meeting of relatives of prisoners and missing persons.

Although representatives of the Territorial center of recruitment and social support were present at the meeting, they did not make any such statements, nor was there any mention of this in the media.

Fake Investigators managed to record Zaluzhnyi’s secret conversations - a document

In the Russian segment of social networks, a document “transcript” of allegedly secretly listening to conversations between Valerii Zaluzhnyi and Oleksandr Syrskyi and Mykhailo Podoliak is being distributed. The transcripts of the conversations allegedly talk about criticism of the Ukrainian president and dissatisfaction with him. It's a lie.

The VoxCheck analysts took up the case and determined that the “groundwork” of the so-called investigators is not real, because, first of all, the documents published on anonymous telegram channels and from there were replicated by other resources. In the “transcripts” one can notice numerous errors, for example: in the text they wrote “relatively”, but it is correct to write “in relation to”. Also, Syrskyi’s surname was simultaneously written in both Ukrainian and Russian.

Or else the text is filled with classic Russian propaganda techniques: where Zelenskyi was called a “drug addict”, “comedian”, “clown”, etc.

That is, it is most likely that the text was created by the Kremlin’s henchmen and subsequently they distributed it on anonymous resources.

Message SBU “recruits” men for mobilization attracting sex workers

Anonymous telegrams claim that Human Rights Watch (HRW) has recorded cases in which the Ukrainian Security Service recruited female sex workers to “increase the pace of mobilization”. The point is that in this way the SBU “caught” men. As evidence, the messages add a video from a human rights organization.

The VoxCheck analysts took up this case and found that the human rights organization did not issue such a statement. For example, no such publications were found on the pages of Human Rights Watch social networks. As for the video itself, its design differs from those published by HRW. That is, it is most likely that the video design was compiled, it was presented only for the organization’s video. And some fragments of the video itself can be found in the public domain.

Read also: Greek Catholic believers were allegedly “freed” from mobilization.

Fake Ukraine allegedly proposed to “exclude” Slovakia and Hungary from NATO

Anonymous telegram channels write that Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal proposed to exclude Slovakia and Hungary from NATO — according to anonymous telegrams, the prime minister said that those countries “are not keeping up with the times”. This is a lie.

The VoxCheck analysts managed to analyze the case and establish that the “news” was originally published in a satirical Telegram channel. Subsequently, the information was circulated in the Russian segment of social networks as if it were true and reliable. At the same time, it is impossible to find information about the official's so-called “statement” in Shmyhal's social networks or by reverse Google search.

Orest Slyvenko, Artur Koldomasov, Vitalii Mykhailiv, Oleksandra Kotenko, Oleksandr Siedin, Kostiantyn Zadyraka, and Oleksiy Pivtorak are collaborating on this chronicle. Lesia Bidochko serves as the project coordinator, while Ksenia Ilyuk is the author of the project.