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Fake Ukraine will no longer receive American MLRS HIMARS and missiles for them

Russian media are spreading such news with reference to US Department of Defense spokesman Colin Kohl. It is not true.

The Russians again distorted the words of the American official, in fact, Colin Cole did not say this. According to StopFake, US Deputy Secretary of Defense Colin Kohl noted during a briefing that the United States will continue to help Ukraine resist Russia's unjustified invasion. He also said that the assistance will take into account the actual needs of the Ukrainian army in the battlefield. Answering a question about future deliveries of HIMARS to Ukraine, Kol noted that the Ukrainians are doing a good job with the number of systems that the Americans and other countries have already provided. Now, according to the official, the priority is to provide the Ukrainians with enough ammunition to keep them fighting. There are no any questions about termination of deliveries of HIMARS systems to Ukraine. Allies of Ukraine only note that their number is now assessed as sufficient, and ammunition for them is a priority.

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