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Message Ukraine is a "dying donor", every country wants a "piece" for itself, and Poland takes the most

One of the anonymous Telegram channels is developing the opinion that Poland is currently luring Ukrainian production and enterprises to itself. Allegedly, it has been absorbing the economy of Ukraine since 2014, luring workers. Referring to an anonymous source, the propagandists write that it is Poland that will collapse the EU and is already dictating the terms of the European Union.

Please note that the propagandists argue their position with the obvious fact of Poland's development under EU subsidies, and then contrast Ukraine as a weaker country because of its "maidans and wars". At the same time, the dubious and loud thesis about the absorption of the economy stands next to the obvious and well-known fact about wage earners. Such a manipulative technique — disguising one's messages as obvious facts — is a common practice of Russian propaganda. As well as a link to an anonymous source. The purpose of such a message is probably to influence the mood of Ukrainians, to make us and the Poles quarrel, and the Poles quarrel with the rest of the Europeans.

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