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Русскій фейк, іді на***!

Message The desire for peace and an end to the bloodshed and the desire to further stuff Ukraine with weapons are mutually exclusive actions

Russian media and pro-Russian telegram channels write about this. They say that the supply of weapons to Ukraine does not bring negotiations closer.

In fact, the message that the West is only continuing the war by providing weapons to Ukraine is one of the most powerful since the beginning of the war. However, propagandists are now manipulating it to force Ukraine into negotiations. The longer Ukraine opposes Russia, the more Russia tries to lead the situation to negotiations on its own terms. However, Ukraine's position on the negotiations remains unchanged - for this, Russia must withdraw its troops from Ukraine. The West provides Ukraine with weapons solely to protect Ukrainian territory. Russia, on the other hand, is destroying Ukrainian critical infrastructure, shelling the civilian population, and wants the surrender of Ukraine, not peace.

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