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Fake Odesa citizens without lights as "their electricity was transferred to the West of Ukraine"

Russian media and telegram channels write that power outages in Odesa are due to “switching to Western Ukraine''. In confirmation of this fact, anonymous comments are allegedly cited by local residents who allegedly found out about this at “Oblenergo”. They also add that allegedly the authorities once again neglect the interests of the southeastern part of Ukraine in favor of Western residents. This is not true.

As StopFake writes, Odesa is really suffering, but not from “electricity transmission to Lviv”. On November 15, Russia attacked Ukraine's energy infrastructure.

Deputy Head of the President's Office Kyrylo Tymoshenko said that 15 objects were damaged. On the same day, Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, Chairman of the Board of NPC Ukrenergo, announced emergency power outages throughout the country.

A few days later, the mayor of Odesa, Hennadii Trukhanov, announced that emergency shutdowns of energy consumers continued to stabilize and balance the city's energy system. This fact was also confirmed by DTEK “Odesa Electric Networks”, the operator of the electricity distribution system in the city. According to DTEK, as a result of damage by Russians to Ukrainian power grids, emergency power outages were applied to more than 70% of the Odesa region.

Now 55 repair teams are working in the region to restore power supply. By the morning of November 19, power supply was resumed in 400,000 houses in the Odesa region.

Russian propaganda deliberately uses the situation to promote the narrative about the division of Ukrainians by region of residence. Earlier they wrote that there are “more and less important” areas for the Ukrainian authorities.

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