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Fake Schoolchildren donate blood en masse due to its shortage in Ukraine

  Such messages are distributed through social networks and hostile telegram channels. Reports say that there is a constant shortage of donated blood in Ukraine, that schoolchildren are involved in its collection. Propagandists attach a fake ad to the message, in which allegedly schoolchildren are called to surrender. Like, starting from the sixth grade, children donate blood for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine: one only needs to bring a birth certificate. However, this is not true. According to NotaYenota analysts, Ukraine fully provides itself with donor blood. Liudmyla Linnyk, a coordinator of the all-Ukrainian DonorUA platform, said: “Since February 24, there has never been a shortage of blood and its components in Ukraine. These needs have been and are being covered with the help of volunteers and regular donors”. In addition, only adults can donate blood, and it is impossible to do it with a birth certificate, as a passport is only needed. And it is worth noting that the fake ad already has the 12th grade of the school. However, it will only appear in 2029. Propagandists have repeatedly manipulated the issue of blood donation. For example, they previously wrote that NATO was supplying infected blood. However, this turned out to be untrue. The fake is aimed at discrediting the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and NATO member countries.