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Fake Poland “allocates more funds for Ukrainian refugees” than for Poles

Such information appeared in the Polish segment of social networks, in particular, on Twitter. Reports say that Poland's annual budget for helping the homeless in 2023 is PLN 5 million. Like, for Ukrainian refugees, Poland “spends” such an amount “in 5 minutes”. It is not true.

The case was investigated by the Polish fact-checkers of the Demagog project, who found that in 2023 the implementation of the government program “Overcoming homelessness” is PLN 5.5 million. However, these are not the only funds allocated in Poland to combat homelessness. The government program is an additional bonus, payments for organizations working in the field of social protection. This is not the general budget of the country. For example, in the budget of Gdansk for 2023, more than 11.7 million złotys are provided for “the development of a support system for homeless people and those at risk of being left without a home”. Moreover, this is only the local budget, significantly exceeding the amount indicated as stable (5 million) by the authors of the messages. 

By spreading such a fake, the authors of the messages seek to convince that Ukrainian refugees are treated better than Poles. Allegedly, Poland does not care about its inhabitants. Analysts of Detector Media denied a number of fakes and manipulations on the topic of Ukrainian refugees in Poland. For example, we refuted the manipulation of increasing the level of theft in Polish stores because of Ukrainians. We also explained another manipulation, saying that the attitude of many Poles towards Ukrainians has worsened.

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