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Fake In the Mykolaiv region, electronic devices are being checked to detect separatists

In the program of Russian propagandist Armen Hasparyan, a former member of the Verkhovna Rada, Volodymyr Oleynyk, talked about how "Governor of the Mykolaiv Region Vitaliy Kim" allegedly gave an order to go around the apartments of residents of the region to check the presence of "Russian phone numbers" to identify separatists among Ukrainians. It is part of measures "to intimidate the population," and Ukraine has "turned into a concentration camp" for dissidents over the past 8 years, Oleynyk said.

Neither Vitaliy Kim, the head of the regional state administration, nor other representatives of the state administration can order someone to "search for separatists." It is the responsibility of the SSU, which also can't arrange a "house-to-house inspection" of residents of the Mykolaiv Region. Besides, now, during the war, there were no separatists. There are traitors to the state, collaborators, or helpers of the occupiers.

By the way, Hasparyan is suspected by Ukraine of calling for genocide and the overthrow of the state system, and Oleynyk is suspected of treason.

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