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Fake The Armed Forces flood Kyiv in anticipation of a new offensive on the capital

The Russian mass media spread a fake about the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are allegedly flooding Kyiv "in anticipation of a new attack on the capital." The reason for the appearance of the fake was a slight increase in the water level in the Dnipro (river) within the capital.

Fluctuations in water levels observed on the Dnipro within Kyiv are completely determined by the operating modes of the Dnipro reservoirs, writes StopFake. The company "Ukrhydroenergo," responsible for the operation of reservoirs, explained that minor fluctuations in water levels are due to the balancing of the Ukrainian energy system, which was subjected to a massive missile attack by Russia on October 10-11.

"We would like to remind you that as a result of damage to the infrastructure caused by Russian shelling, the load on the energy system of Ukraine increased. In turn, Ukrhydroenergo's HPP and GAES continue to operate as normal, providing coverage of peak loads, frequency, and power regulation, as well as a mobile emergency reserve in the United Energy System of Ukraine," Ukrhydroenergo is quoted as saying by StopFake. The KMDA separately emphasized that the rise in the water level in the Dnipro within Kyiv doesn't exceed emergency values ​​and is related to the intensive operation of the hydroelectric power station.

We will remind you that the Russian army recently tried to flood Kryvyi Rih and destroy the Karachuniv dam near the city, but they failed.

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