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Manipulation Biden “ordered Zelenskyi to launch offensive as soon as possible”

Russian media are spreading information that during his visit, US President Joe Biden ordered Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyi to step up the actions of the Ukrainian army and launch a counteroffensive. At the same time, propagandists refer to the material of the publication Politico. Allegedly, its authors indicate that Ukraine should launch a counteroffensive now, since the pace of assistance from the West will slow down significantly. This is manipulation.

Analysts at the StopFake project found that the Politico article made no mention of the slowdown in aid to Ukraine and Biden's orders. The material is devoted to the results of the Munich Security Conference and the then upcoming European tour of the US President. The authors of the article argue: “U.S. officials believe that the defense of Ukraine is about to reach a critical phase, when Russia will launch its long-awaited offensive. The Biden administration is strongly urging the administration of President Volodymyr Zelenskyi to build on the gains made and perhaps launch a counter strike”.

The Russian media do not correctly quote the publication and give an inaccurate translation of the phrasing from it. For example, if we are talking about the pace of arms deliveries, the word “freely” is used in the original material. And propagandists translate it as “slowly”.

Thus, Russian propaganda wants to re-emphasize Ukraine's “inability” to make independent decisions. The propagandists also want to convince their audience that the West is tired of helping Ukraine, but recent decisions to provide new military and financial aid packages prove otherwise. The Russian media is still spreading disinformation about the US President's visit to Kyiv. Detector Media has already published a selection of the main messages spread by propagandists on this issue.