Detector Media collects and documents real-time chronicles of the Kremlin disinformation about the Russian invasion. Ukraine for decades has been suffering from Kremlin disinformation. Here we document all narratives, messages, and tactics, which Russia is using from February 17th, 2022. Reminder: the increasing of shelling and fighting by militants happened on the 17th of February 2022 on the territory of Ukraine. Russian propaganda blames Ukraine for these actions.

On 06 December, on the 285th day of the full-scale war, our editorial office recorded:

Русскій фейк, іді на***!

Fake Shelling of the Kakhovka HPP by Ukraine may lead to a nuclear disaster

This information is spread by pro-Kremlin and some Ukrainian media. They said that because the Armed Forces of Ukraine are shelling the Kakhovka HPP, it is operating in an emergency mode and this may allegedly affect nuclear safety at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant.

"This information is not true. The Armed Forces are working as carefully as possible, and exclusively for military purposes and logistical points," Yuriy Sobolevskyi, the First Deputy Chairman of the Kherson Regional Council, said in Telegram.

The other day, the Ukrainian military disabled a bridge near the Kakhovka HPP. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are striking bridges in the Kherson region to complicate logistics for the Russian army, which is based on both banks of the Dnieper in the region. In order not to admit defeat, Russian propagandists launched "news" about a possible nuclear disaster at the Zaporizhzhya NPP due to the shelling of Ukrainian military bridges in the Kherson region.

Message The discussion of the war in Ukraine is "boring" and already "irrelevant"

Russian media spread the image of the restaurant's alleged billboard, where a Japanese sushi chef covers the mouth of a Ukrainian woman with the call: "Let's change the subject - let's talk about delicious sushi."

The Center for Combating Disinformation at the National Security Council together with the Embassy of Ukraine in Japan turned to the Sushinomidori company management for an explanation regarding the provocative billboard.

The refutation of the fake appeared on the official website.

The company said it does not support discrimination against any country or nationality, and the image shared is not related to it.

Russian propagandists launch such messages to say that the situation in Ukraine is no longer of interest to anyone in the world, people want to live an ordinary life and are ready to silence Ukrainians who will try to prevent them with their protests, etc.

Fake The European Parliament "found no evidence of Russian sponsorship of terrorism"

This "news" was invented by the leading media resources of Russia with reference to the member of the European Parliament from Germany, Gunnar Beck, who belongs to the pro-Russian Alternative for the Germany party.

As of August 2022, the Seimas of Lithuania recognized Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism. To break the situation in the information field in their favor, Russian propagandists organized an information campaign under the general idea — they say, "the European Parliament did not find evidence of "sponsoring terrorism" by Russia," writes StopFake. The basis of this campaign was the interview of Gunnar Beck, a Member of the European Parliament from Germany, who called the declaration of the Lithuanian deputies allegedly not supported by legal evidence.

Gunnar Beck did not notice the Russian atrocities in Ukraine, because he is a representative of the pro-Russian party and believes that the reason for the war may be that "Russia cannot agree to Ukraine joining NATO", and he calls the sanctions against Russia "economic suicide" for Europe and invalid about Russia itself.

Iryna Ryaboshtan, Gala Sklyarevska, Orest Slyvenko, Olga Zhuk, Viktoriya Namestnik and Oleksandr Krumin are working on the chronicle. The coordinator is Olga Bilousenko, the author of the project is Ksenia Ilyuk.