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Fake Germany will pay pensions to 57.5 - 60 years old refugees from Ukraine

Social media users are sharing a video saying, “We need to protect ourselves from this” and “Should they work until they are 67 when they can retire at 57 without investing anything?” The point is that Ukrainian refugees in Germany can retire earlier as early as June: men aged 60 years and older, and women another two and a half years earlier, and that Germany will pay for their pension. However, this is fake.

Fact-checkers of the German project Correctiv drew attention to it. They found out that this fake has been circulating in Germany since 2022. In fact, Ukrainians cannot retire before the Germans. The retirement age ranges from 63 to 67 years.

The fact-checkers also found out whether any rules on pensions for Ukrainians have changed. Katja Braubach from the German Pension Insurance Service (DRV) objected: “For citizens of Ukraine, no special conditions are provided for in the pension legislation”. The German Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs (BMAS) also confirmed that “the current legislation applies when receiving a German pension”.

Ukrainians can receive a pension in Germany in the same way as Germans. Persons from abroad must have at least five years of statutory pension insurance contributions to be entitled to pension benefits in Germany. Periods of work abroad only count if it is an EU member state or if the country has a social security agreement with Germany - neither of which applies to Ukraine.

Although EU accession negotiations have been ongoing since December 2023, Ukraine is not a member of the EU. Germany signed a social security agreement in 2018 and ratified it in 2020, but the ratification process in Ukraine has stalled.

For Ukrainians, the “regular retirement age” applies. Excluded from this regulation are a “very small group” of Ukrainian refugees who - like other persons recognized under the Emigrants Act who come from ethnic German families - have acquired working hours recognized as German insurance periods, as stated on the DRV website . However, according to DRV, “normal pension age restrictions” apply here too.

This information can be disseminated by propagandists in order to arouse skepticism and hostility towards Ukrainian refugees among the population. They say that they are taking away the pensions of Europeans, which means that Ukrainians need to stop helping. Detector Media has repeatedly refuted other Russian provocations against Ukrainian refugees in Europe.

Fake Georgia allegedly accused Ukraine of involvement in protests in Tbilisi

Propagandists in Russian media and telegram channels claim that Georgia allegedly announced the participation of Ukrainians in organizing protests in Tbilisi. They say this was reported by the Georgian security service. However, this is fake.

Specialists from the StopFake project drew attention to it. They found out that we are talking about mass protests in Georgia against the bill “On Foreign Influence”, similar to a document in Russia, which is used there to oppress dissidents.

However, statements about the participation of Ukrainians in “organizing protests in Tbilisi” are unreliable, in particular because the Georgian security service, cited by Russian media, did not make them. StopFake journalists examined all official channels of this department and did not find any relevant statements.

It seems that the fake was created based on a report from the Georgian security service that during the protests some groups are trying to “organize provocations aimed at developing destructive and violent scenarios”, and these groups are funded by foreign countries, without specifying which ones. The Georgian Security Service also reported that “Georgian citizens outside the country are actively participating in the mentioned criminal plans, in particular, a certain part of the Georgians fighting in Ukraine, who declare their readiness to come to Georgia and actively participate in the planned violence against the police”. However, this service message does not talk about any Ukrainians.

Russia is covering the protests in Georgia through the prism of “color revolution” narratives and conspiracy theories. They say that any protests against government decisions are organized by “Western hands”. Detector Media has repeatedly refuted other conspiracy theories used by Russian propaganda.

Fake Deepfake: supposedly the White House press secretary said that only Americans and Ukrainians won World War II

Propagandists are actively distributing a video on social networks in which White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre allegedly stated that World War II was won only by the Americans, together with the Ukrainians who fought against Stalin, in response to a “question” about “ignoring neo-Nazism in Ukraine”. However, this video is a deepfake.

Specialists from the StopFake project drew attention to it. They found that the original portion of the press conference, where Jean-Pierre answered a question about the humanitarian situation in Gaza, was cut and edited to create a false context. There were no mentions of neo-Nazism in Ukraine at the briefing.

This falsification is used by propagandists to justify their invasion of Ukraine, but the international community, including the UN, condemns these actions of Russia, and calls for an end to the aggression and abandonment of false narratives. This technique of rewriting history takes on special significance in the context of Russia’s military aggression against Ukraine, when such manipulations become a way to justify violations of international law.

Fake The Ukrainian military allegedly watched the “victory parade” en masse, the American edition of Wired

Pro-Kremlin media write that the Ukrainian military allegedly watched the “victory parade” en masse in Moscow on May 9. It is reported in the reports that such information was spread by the American publication Wired in its video.

Analysts of StopFake note that the thesis about the Ukrainian military, who en masse watched the Victory Parade in Moscow, is simply an invention of Russian propagandists.

After all, there are no publications with such content on official pages in social networks. That is, the video is compiled. Moreover, journalists did not even publish such textual material. For example, a request for the keyword Starlink on the publication's website does not yield any news about the parade in Moscow.

Fake Poland allegedly confirmed the war in Ukraine by NATO forces against Russia

Russian media are disseminating information that Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk has confirmed the introduction of NATO into Ukraine. The official allegedly announced this during a conversation with the press in the Sejm (Polish parliament).

StopFake analysts write that during a conversation with the press, Mr. Tusk was asked whether NATO could help Ukraine resist Russian aggression by sending troops into the country? In response, the Prime Minister explained that the Alliance already provides Ukraine with comprehensive military assistance, but does not want to intervene directly in the war and therefore does not send its troops to Ukraine.

At the same time, the Polish prime minister also noted that there is a small technical contingent in Ukraine - these are observers and engineering specialists who remain far from the front line and do not participate in battles. Most often, such specialists oversee the distribution of military aid to allies, guard the embassies of member states, or represent the apparatus of military attaches.

Fake Fake that the Russian military allegedly entered Vovchansk

Propagandists are spreading information online that Russian troops have allegedly entered Vovchansk, Kharkiv region, and that heavy fighting continues in the city.

In fact, there is no officially confirmed information about the presence of Russian occupiers in Vovchansk. The head of the Vovchansk police department, Maksym Stetsyna, said that on the night of May 13, 2024, the Russians continued to fire at the border Vovchansk from different types of weapons. And he added that the situation in the city is difficult, evacuation is underway, but there are no street battles and no Russians there.

The purpose of this information dump is to sow panic among residents of the region, as well as to exaggerate the successes of the Russian army at the moment. We previously wrote about how the Russians are waging a disinformation campaign in Kharkiv.

Fake The Ukrainian Armed Forces allegedly blocked the evacuation of civilians from Vovchansk

Russian telegram channels are spreading information that the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other Ukrainian military units have blocked the evacuation of civilians from Vovchansk, Kharkiv region. The purpose of such actions is to use city residents as “human shields”.

In fact, this information is not true. As of May 12, 2024, about 6 thousand residents were removed from the Vovchansk community and settlements in the Kharkiv region. At the same time, the evacuation of the civilian population continues. On May 13, it is planned to evacuate about 1,600 more local residents. According to the Kharkiv military regional administration, 200-300 people remain in Vovchansk. And they continue to communicate with them about leaving for safer places.

Due to the aggravation of the situation in the Kharkiv region, Russian propaganda has increased the number of information attacks related to this region, of a destabilizing and discrediting nature. At the same time, the Center for Countering Disinformation under the National Security and Defense Council notes that the Ukrainian Armed Forces continue to repel the Russian occupiers in the Kharkiv direction.

Even before the offensive of Russian troops in the Kharkiv region, we recorded an increase in disinformation regarding the region. Thus, we refuted information about the “flight of local authorities”, “announcement of deportation of Kharkiv residents”, “panic mass exodus of Kharkiv residents from the city”, etc.

Fake In Paris, a bridge was allegedly renamed in honor of the Red Army

Social networks add that the city authorities of Paris allegedly decided to rename the Aval Bridge to the Red Army Bridge.

“The corresponding decision was made to pay tribute to the Red Army and its important role in the victory over Nazi Germany”, propaganda resources say.

Fact-checkers of the StopFake project write that journalists from the French media TF1 submitted a request to the Paris City Council about plans to rename it.

They denied the information and noted that the Paris City Council did not make any decision on a new name for the bridge, especially in honor of the Red Army. They haven't even considered this issue, although city council members regularly consider proposals to rename buildings and streets in the city.

Fake In Kharkiv, they plan to mobilize female graduates of medical universities

Social networks in the Russian segment claim that the Kharkiv Territorial center of recruitment and social support published an announcement on its website. It notes that local authorities require female graduates of the National Pharmaceutical Academy and the National Medical University to register for military service.

Propagandists say that there is already panic among graduates, because they are probably planning to be sent to the medical units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine against the backdrop of “catastrophic” losses.

VoxCheck specialists found out that the fake robs did not even provide a photo of the so-called advertisement about which they wrote in their publications. And the Kharkiv Territorial center of recruitment and social support replied that there are no such announcements on their official page, that is, the information from the Russians is absolutely fake.

And on the pages of the National Pharmaceutical University on social networks there is no mention of the announcement of the military registration of graduates.

Fake Ukrainian children will allegedly be “given away” to other people’s families abroad

Russian telegram channels report that women with medical and pharmaceutical education in Ukraine were required to urgently update their data at the Territorial centers for recruitment and social support. The authors of the message claim that women will soon be caught and sent to the front, and their children will be sent to other people's families in Western countries.

VoxCheck analysts explained: doctors and pharmacists should indeed register with the military from October 1, 2023, but registration with the military does not mean mobilization or the establishment of restrictions on traveling abroad. The Ministry of Health emphasized that registration is necessary only to summarize data on the existing reserve of doctors in the country. Even the travel of this category of women is not limited.

Women can be drafted into the army only with voluntary consent, that is, forced mobilization is prohibited. Cases of forced mobilization of women were not recorded even before the adoption of the relevant law. Moreover, the situation of a child being left without guardianship, since both parents have been mobilized, is simply impossible. Indeed, according to the law, persons who have a minor child/children and a spouse who is already serving in military service are not subject to mobilization.

Fake A restaurant in Rome allegedly introduced the “Devil Zelenskyi” pizza

A photo of a so-called advertising sign for the Roman pizzeria Locanda alla Romana is being circulated online, in which they present “Diavola Zelenskiy”  pizza stuffed with “ammunition and body parts of Ukrainian military personnel”.

VoxCheck analysts explained that there is no such advertising, and that pizza with that name simply does not exist. There is also no mention of this on the restaurant’s official social media pages. Also, checking the billboard photo using the FotoForensics tool found that the text and image of the pizza were most likely added to an existing photo.

Among other things, the restaurant department assured that they had never created such an advertising image.

Fake Ukraine allegedly set a limit on cash withdrawals of up to 100 UAH from an ATM for men of military age

Russian media are distributing a photo where the ATM screen allegedly reports a cash withdrawal limit of 100 UAH per day for men of military age. To cancel restrictions, one needs to update their data at the nearest Territorial center of recruitment and social support.

The case was examined by VoxCheck analysts, who found out that the image had been edited, because the original photo did not show an ATM dispensing cash. Propagandists used a photo of a PrivatBank self-service terminal - the terminal only accepts cash and does not issue it. Moreover, through a reverse search, Google was able to establish that the photo appeared on the Internet back in 2021. This was a negative review about a malfunction of the self-service terminal in Pervomaisk.

And the official website of PrivatBank does not indicate a limit on cash withdrawals of 100 UAH per day. Currently, one can withdraw up to 100 thousand UAH per day from hryvnia and foreign currency accounts in Ukraine.

Fake France allegedly made an official decision to send its troops to Ukraine

Russian propaganda resources, as well as some foreign media, are disseminating information about the supposedly official decision of France to send its troops to Ukraine. Moreover, soldiers of the French Foreign Legion allegedly already arrived in Sloviansk to help the Ukrainian military.

In fact, this information is not true. The Center for Countering Disinformation at the National Security and Defense Council writes about this. The primary source of this information is an article in the Asia Times. Its author, former Pentagon official Stephen Brian, who had previously been caught “playing along” with Russian narratives, published a lot of pro-Russian materials on the social network Substack, from where Asia Times took them. In this article, Brian refers to information from Russian propaganda resources that published this fake news. In addition, information about the decision to send French troops to Ukraine has already been denied by the French Foreign Ministry. This was written on the official page of the department on the social network X: “Disinformation campaigns to support France in Ukraine are more active than ever. France did not send troops to Ukraine”.

Russian propaganda has indeed intensified the creation of fakes about French troops in Donbas, Ukrinform reports. The goal of this campaign is to strengthen anti-Western and mobilization sentiments among Russians. Previously, Detector Media analyzed the fake Russian propaganda that French troops were supposedly heading to Romania and then arriving in Ukraine.

Fake An employee of the Territorial center of procurement and social support allegedly kicked a man whom he was going to forcibly mobilize

Russian resources are disseminating information that in the Odesa region, a Territorial center of procurement and social support employee beat a man who did not even try to resist. It seems that this is how forced mobilization takes place in Ukraine, propagandists add.

In fact, this information is fake. This was reported by the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security at the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine. The video shows not “forced mobilization”, but a brawl, and the man in uniform is not an employee of the Territorial center of procurement and social support, but a military man who returned from the front. In addition, an intoxicated civilian man was the first to start a fight, and the serviceman had already responded to him, they write in the original source of the video distribution. However, Russian propagandists decided to ignore this fact and distort the information.

So, with this fake, Russian propaganda continues to discredit the mobilization process in Ukraine. Read more materials on this topic here. We previously wrote about a new large-scale information campaign launched by Russia called Evader.

Fake In Lutsk, the widow of a fallen soldier was denied a funeral service allegedly because he was from Kharkiv

Propagandists on social networks and media are disseminating information that one of the restaurants in Lutsk allegedly refused to host a memorial dinner for the widow of a Ukrainian military man. It was noted that the reason for this refusal was that the military man was from Kharkiv. When disseminating this news, Russian propaganda either referred to the story of the Ukrainian media - Channel 12, or did not indicate the original source at all.

StopFake specialists decided to check if this is true. They found out that the Channel 12 story, which propagandists refer to, states that the widow of a Ukrainian soldier, Ivanna Tsiukh, complained that a Lutsk restaurant refused to host her funeral dinner. According to her, having heard about the wake, representatives of the restaurant suggested holding it in the “gazebo” of the establishment, and not in the main room. In the story, Tsiukh expressed the opinion that the reason for the refusal was the mournful nature of the dinner, the holding of which, according to her, was contrary to the rules of the restaurant. However, the Ukrainian media story does not mention that the refusal was due to the fact that her husband was from Kharkiv.

StopFake specialists also found a video message from the military wife Ivanna Tsiukh about this incident on her Facebook page. In it, she tells a story similar to what she told Channel 12. However, even here she never remembers that the refusal was due to the fact that her husband had a connection with Kharkiv. There is also a message on the restaurant's official Facebook page in which they explain their refusal to Tsiukh by the fact that they do not have the opportunity to share the room.

Propagandists spread such disinformation to create the impression that Ukrainians despise their army and consider it criminal.

Fake Foreign companies allegedly bought 40% of agricultural land

Propagandists are disseminating information from an article, now deleted from the Australian National Review, about the sale of 40% of Ukrainian agricultural land in 2021 to Western companies Cargill, Monsanto and Dupont. However, this is not true.

Specialists from the VoxCheck project drew attention to it. They explained that from January 1, 2024, the land market in Ukraine began its work, and the second stage of land reform continues. Now not only individuals, but also companies can buy land, and the limit on this has been increased to 10 thousand hectares. But at both the first and second stages of land reform, the purchase of land by foreign companies is prohibited. Even Ukrainian agricultural holdings with foreign beneficiaries do not have access to the Ukrainian land market. Foreigners (individuals) can inherit agricultural plots, but cannot use them, and these plots are subject to alienation within a year.

Media Bias/Fact Check categorizes the Australian National Review as a conspiracy theorist and pseudoscientific source that spreads false claims. The publication also refers to an article by the French publication Ritimo, but it does not contain any information about the purchase of Ukrainian lands by Cargill, Monsanto and Dupont. Moreover, Monsanto ceased to exist in 2018 when it was acquired by Bayer.

Propagandists spread such disinformation to intimidate the Ukrainian population and hit a trigger for many people, reinforcing the message about external control. They say there is a war in the country, but allegedly the country itself has already been sold. 

Fake In Ukraine one can buy a bracelet with a prayer against the Territorial center of procurement and social support

Propagandists spread information that in Ukraine one can buy bracelets with prayers that protect you from the territorial recruitment centers. The text on them calls on the Mother of God, Archangel Michael and the Guardian Angel, as well as a request to all saints. However, this is fake.

Specialists from the VoxCheck project drew attention to it. A reverse search for the photo showed that similar bracelets are sold in Ukraine, but with a different prayer - “Our Father” in Spanish.

The text of the correct prayer does not mention the Territorial centers of procurement and social support and the religious figures mentioned in the misleading description. Similar bracelets are also sold in Russian stores, AliExpress and Alibaba.

In addition, the “text” on the bracelets is likely translated from Russian, since the phrase “my favorite” in the propaganda text should be translated as “my beloved” in Ukrainian.

Propagandists spread such fakes to discredit the Ukrainian authorities and the mobilization process as a whole. Detector Media has repeatedly refuted other fakes against it.

Fake An Indian TV channel allegedly reported that Ukrainian men bought all the tickets to Europe because of new decisions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Propagandists again tried to undermine the authority of Ukrainian refugees by disseminating information, allegedly the Indian TV channel WION published a video in which they claim that 93% of Ukrainian male refugees purchased tickets to Asia through Europe. They say that the hotel booking service Booking recorded an increased demand for flights on April 23, 2024. The video explains that this happened as a result of an order from the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to restrict consular services to men. However, this is fake.

Specialists from the VoxCheck project drew attention to it. They found out that the WION channel did not actually have such a video, but instead the propagandists assembled it from various sources. An example of this is a video in which the executive director of Human Rights Watch talks about women's rights. It was taken from another interview back in 2023 and has nothing to do with Ukrainian refugees. Moreover, the Booking service has not confirmed any changes in demand for tickets.

Propagandists spread such fakes to discredit the mobilization process in Ukraine. Detector Media has repeatedly refuted other fakes against it.

Fake Men of military age supposedly need to update their data in the Territorial centers of recruitment and social support in order to withdraw cash

Propagandists are disseminating information on men of military age having a limit on cash withdrawals from an ATM in the amount of 100 hryvnia per day. They say that in order to withdraw more, it is necessary to update the data in the Territorial centers of recruitment and social support. However, this is fake.

StopFake specialists drew attention to it. They found out that the National Bank of Ukraine did indeed establish certain restrictions on cash withdrawals, but these restrictions apply to all citizens and amount to no more than 100 thousand hryvnia per day. Also, depending on the bank, there are certain additional restrictions on withdrawing cash from an ATM. For example, in PrivatBank one can withdraw no more than 20 thousand hryvnia at a time, and to receive a larger amount one needs to repeat the operation no earlier than three hours later. There was no statement regarding the issuance of cash to men of military age. This is not the case in the new law on mobilization, adopted on April 16.

Russian propaganda created this fake in order to provoke panic among citizens, disrupt mobilization and violate trust in government by creating artificial cash demand. In this way, propagandists try to create negative emotions and tension. Detector Media has already repeatedly refuted other Russian fakes regarding mobilization in Ukraine.

Fake The Ukrainian Armed Forces brigade allegedly used Putin's words in their advertising

Propagandists accused the Ukrainian military of plagiarism. They began to spread information that the Third Separate Assault Brigade of the Ukrainian Armed Forces allegedly used the words of the self-proclaimed Russian President Volodymyr Putin in its recruitment advertising. When publishing this “news”, Russian propaganda adds a photograph of an advertisement for the brigade with the words “Why do we need such a world if there is no Ukraine there?” and Putin's interview with almost identical words.

After disseminating this information, StopFake checked whether one of the Ukrainian Armed Forces brigades actually took Putin’s words for their advertising campaign. They found out that the propagandists themselves added a “quote” to the advertisement, accusing the Ukrainian military of plagiarism.

A reverse image search on TinEye showed that the photo distributed by propagandists appeared online in late April 2024 on the French news site France24. On the website one can see that it was taken by Reuters correspondent Alina Smutko on April 23, 2024 in the Kyiv metro. The original is also available on the Reuters photo bank with a full description. The original photo is different from the one used by Russian propaganda. Putin's quote was added to the image in the photo editor. In the original photograph, completely different words are visible: “Zazhyhai (ignite) in the third assault brigade” (zapaliui - in Ukrainian).

StopFake also ruled out the possibility that the photo used by the propagandists could accidentally show advertisements in different places of the Kyiv metro. If one compares the details of the fake photo and the Reuters photo, one can be sure that this is the same image. Looking closely at the wall in the background, one can see the painted elements positioned the same in both photographs.

Propagandists spread such fakes to show the false closeness of Ukrainians and Russians. Like, we think the same and act the same. However, in reality, Ukraine and Russia are completely different.

Fake How Russians are recruiting people for Maidan-3 on Telegram

A recently created Telegram group invited Ukrainians to join the protest on May 21 at 12.00 in the “central square”. They say that Ukraine needs changes, and the people should no longer remain silent.

One of the messages indicates that users are willing to pay 50 hryvnia if they refer a friend to the group. This indicates an artificial attempt to protest.

Also, in the group one can find a corresponding picture with a lexical error, which suggests that it was probably created by non-native speakers.

The date chosen for the “protest” also plays into Russian propaganda. Like, on May 21, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi will become illegitimate. However, in reality, the Ukrainian Constitution guarantees the legitimacy of the president during martial law.

This group is probably part of the Maidan-3 operation, which the GUR warned about.  Detector Media has already written about how propagandists are still trying to spread the message about Zelenskyi’s “illegitimacy”. In general, the essence of the messages about the “loss of legitimacy” by Volodymyr Zelenskyi is as follows:

At some point in the first half of 2024, Volodymyr Zelenskyi’s tenure in office will expire. And he will no longer be considered the plenipotentiary leader of Ukraine.

After this, unrest may begin in Ukrainian society. It can be avoided if Volodymyr Zelenskyi leaves the post of President of Ukraine. But he, they say, will do everything to stay in power.

Therefore, the oppositionists or ex-commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Valerii  Zaluzhnyi or the oligarchs or partners of Ukraine will remove Volodymyr Zelenskyi from office by force.

Fake The German magazine Handelsblatt allegedly resorted to black humor towards Ukrainian men abroad

Russian propaganda resources are disseminating information that on the cover of its latest issue, the German magazine Handelsblatt depicted a bloody Ukrainian passport, as well as a severed hand, and signed it all with the words: “Yes, dead. But with a new passport”. This is how the publication allegedly responded to the decision of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry to restrict Ukrainian men abroad from receiving consular services.

In fact, this information is fake, because the German magazine Handelsblatt did not publish an issue with such a cover. One can verify this by looking at the official website of the publication. In addition, the cover distributed by Russian propagandists shows the magazine issue number 87 dated May 4, 2024, but the actual issue of the magazine under this number is dated May 6, 2024 and has a different cover.

This fake is a reaction of Russian propaganda to the temporary cessation of the provision of consular services to Ukrainian men abroad. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine emphasized that the decision to suspend the process of providing consular services to a category of Ukrainian citizens defined by law is a temporary step, due, in particular, to the need to resolve the issue of military registration of citizens of mobilization age abroad.

Fake Kyiv allegedly does not hide its intentions to “conduct terrorist activities”

Russian resources are disseminating information that Ukraine does not abandon its intentions to “continue terrorist activities”. This is how Russian Presidential Press Secretary Pieskov responded to Ukraine’s threats to strike the Kerch Bridge. He also added that Russian special agencies are already taking appropriate measures.

However, Ukraine has never practiced terrorism and condemns terrorist practices, write the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security at the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine. Russia these days continues its terrorist attacks on the territory of Ukraine. We are talking about missile and artillery strikes on civilian targets, as well as drones.

At the same time, Russia not only practices terrorism against Ukraine, but also has close relations with other terrorist movements. For example, representatives of the Taliban visit Moscow and are received there at a high level. Previously, we wrote about how Russia is everywhere trying to find the “Ukrainian trace” and blame Ukraine for certain ills of the world, in particular, terrorist attacks.

Fake Ukrainian soldiers allegedly burned an effigy of Trump on video

Pro-Russian users of the social network X (formerly Twitter) are distributing a video in which Ukrainian soldiers allegedly burn an effigy of US presidential candidate Donald Trump with the words: “You will never be president again”.

However, this video is definitive, according to the Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security at the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine. The individuals on it are not military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. These are Russian actors playing Ukrainian soldiers in captured Ukrainian uniforms, the Center adds. These people in the video do not speak Ukrainian like residents of Ukraine - one can hear a strong Russian accent.

On the one hand, the purpose of this fake is to discredit the Ukrainian Defense Forces, and on the other hand, to spoil Ukrainian-American relations and bipartisan support for Ukraine in the US Congress. Moreover, this is happening against the backdrop of the election campaigns of US presidential candidates.

Fake Ukraine allegedly recruits Belarusian children to carry out terrorist attacks on Belarusian territory

Pro-Russian resources are distributing a video where Belarusian teenagers say how Ukraine allegedly recruited them to commit terrorist acts on the territory of Belarus.

The Center for Strategic Communications and Information Security at the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy of Ukraine claims that in fact the teenagers became the heroes of the propaganda video. They are under psychological pressure from the “investigation” controlled by the Belarusian dictatorship, as well as from Russian propagandists.

During the video recording, one of the teenagers burst into tears. In addition, certain marks are visible on his face, which may indicate torture by the special services of Belarus. Probably, the detained children were forced to give the evidence, and therefore it cannot be trusted, the Center adds.