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Fake Western media published photos of fake victims of rocket attacks in Kyiv

The Russian propaganda media spread this thesis to neutralize the consequences of the Russian missile strikes, which the aggressor country inflicted on Kyiv on October 10. Propagandists claim that the photos of the aftermath of the shelling are fake and that people, who are allegedly injured, are actors. However, it is not true.

Fact-checkers from StopFake drew attention to the fake. The testimonies of photographers and journalists of international publications who worked during the tragedy and the stories of the injured people refute yet another Russian misinformation.

According to fact-checkers, international media journalists reported directly from the scene of the events. The gruesome footage from Kyiv hit the world media and shocked the public, but pro-Kremlin propagandists cynically claimed that the photos were fake. In fact, on October 10, the Russian army launched 84 cruise missiles and 24 unmanned aircraft.

The air defense of Ukraine managed to shoot down 43 rockets and 13 UAVs. As a result of the shelling, 19 people died, and 105 were injured of various severity. It isn`t the first time Russian propaganda has accused Ukraine of lying. Propagandists used similar rhetoric after the tragedy in Bucha or rocket attacks from Vinnytsia. In this way, they are trying to settle the guilt of Russia. It seems that Russia only launches missiles at military targets, doesn`t destroy civilian infrastructure, and doesn`t kill people.

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