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Fake Germany sends trains to Ukraine with its soldiers "to death"

Russian propaganda media spread such a message. Propagandists claim that Germany "send trains with soldiers to death to Ukraine." German soldiers allegedly go to Ukraine and will all be killed there.

In their messages, propagandists refer to the words of a Russian woman who lived in Germany for more than 30 years. As StopFake writes, propagandists don't mention the woman's name, don't refer to her social networks, but devote an entire paragraph to her emotional experiences. "However, even during life in a European country, the big and kind heart of a Russian woman is unshakable: a voice-over doesn't stop repeating that German soldiers are supposedly being sent to certain death," the text of the propagandists reads. In fact, it is not true. StopFake fact-checkers contacted the press service of the Bundeswehr.

They noted that the equipment and people were moving for the training, and they will return to their former place after the training. However, it isn't the first time propagandists have claimed that foreigners are fighting in Ukraine. In this way, they are trying to create the appearance that, in fact, Russia is not at war with Ukraine but with other countries.

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