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Disclosure Residents of Kherson receive SMS messages that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are preparing massive strikes on the city

According to the Center for Combating Disinformation, residents of Kherson received information that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are planning missile strikes on the city and, accordingly, civilians should take care of their safety. "Dear residents! Evacuate immediately. There will be shelling of the residential quarters by the Armed Forces of Ukraine..." such SMS reads.

The Center informs that this information isn't true. "Recently, the commander of the Russian army, Surovikin, announced the alleged preparation of a missile strike by the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Kherson and the Kakhovska HPP dam, as a result of which the population will be "evacuated" from the city. At the same time, Vitaliy Kim reported that "the Russians are probably preparing to attack Kherson... We will not be surprised if they fire on crowds of people and residential areas to blame this on the Armed Forces. We warn.

This disinformation is aimed at sowing panic and deporting as many more Ukrainians as possible under the guise of "evacuation." The Armed Forces of the Ukrainian SSR has never conducted targeted attacks on the civilian population, and even more, haven't warned the occupiers about their plans," the Center said.

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