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Fake Volodymyr Zelenskyi invited a “Satanist” to become an ambassador of Ukraine

A number of anonymous telegram channels with pro-Russian rhetoric are disseminating information that the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyi invited the “Satanist” Maryna Abramovych to become the Ambassador of Ukraine so that she would “be involved in Ukrainian schools”. It's fake.

The specialists from the VoxCheck project drew attention to it. They found out that the article on the British media The Telegraph, to which the propagandists refer, has already been deleted. Its author, in turn, refers to an interview with Maryna Abramovych, a shareholder of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Shanghai, but the fact-checkers were unable to find it. They also note that the English term ambassador, used in the article, can mean both a diplomatic rank and an unofficial representation of the interests of a specific group of people without a government appointment. Ukrainian-language media have no mention of this, and foreign media, such as The Jerusalem Post, refer to the Italian publication La Repubblica, which has no open access publications on this matter. There are no messages about the invitation on the website of the Office of the President of Ukraine, its official telegram channel or Facebook page. Abramovych’s official accounts make no mention of this either.

Propagandists also do not detail why they consider Abramovych a Satanist, not only in messages on this topic, but in all messages where the name of the shareholder appears. According to the VoxCheck analysts, they refer to the situation since 2016, when WikiLeaks published part of the emails from the broken account of John Podesta, who then headed Hillary Clinton's election campaign in the US presidential election. Among them was a message from Abramovych expressing her joy that Podesta's brother, an art collector named Tony, would be attending the spirit cooking. This can be translated as both “spiritual cooking” and “spirit cooking”, which is the more threatening version. In response to this, the shareholder noted in an interview that it was an ordinary dinner with a regular menu, which she calls “spiritual cuisine”. In addition, Maryna Abramovych has a poem called Spirit Cooking, which does not contain satanic motives. From the very beginning of her career, her performances involve testing the boundaries of her own body, which is why they are considered Satanic rites.

Maryna Abramovych has publicly supported Ukraine since February 25, 2022, but there is no evidence that she has received offers to be an embassy or ambassador for Ukraine.

By resorting to such fakes, propagandists aim to discredit the Ukrainian government and those who support Ukraine. They say that it can only be supported by Satanists who grab the opportunity to stay in the headlines on current topics. All this is in order to justify its aggression against Ukraine; it seems that Russia is fighting against the “Satanists” and those who support them.

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