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Fake Ukrainians in Ireland are extradited to serve in the Ukrainian Armed Forces

In the chats of Ukrainians in Ireland, a “letter” from the Irish Ministry of Justice was distributed, which alleged requests for the extradition of Ukrainians to serve in the Armed Forces. According to the “letter”, its recipients were scheduled to appear in court for an “extradition hearing” in October. Failure to comply with the “instructions” “may result in an arrest warrant being issued”. These letters are fake.

It was reported by Facebook users and The Irish Times. They note that although the form resembles the real one in appearance, the address in the image of the “letter” is rather random, since no Ukrainians live behind it. In addition, the Irish Ministry of Justice stated that it had not received any extradition requests and had not sent any such letters. It also urged recipients to apply for a special phone number to detect the fake.

With its help, Russia wants to cause panic among Ukrainian refugees and support the narrative of the “failure of the counteroffensive”. They say that everything is so bad in Ukraine that it is forced to mobilize its refugees from abroad. Detector Media has already refuted the fake news about the “extradition” of Ukrainians from Poland.

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