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Manipulation Ukrainians have become a shield for NATO, Ukrainian Defense Minister rejoices

Telegram channels supervised by Russian intelligence spread reports that Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov is “rejoicing” that the Ukrainians have “become a shield for NATO”, and all the sacrifices of the Ukrainians “for this”. This is manipulation.

Telegram channels cut out a piece of video from the interview of the Minister of Defense to Olena Froliak, the TV presenter of “Okna” (“Windows”) on STB, where he says that now, finally, after 10 months of war, his colleagues from Europe and the United States recognize what they denied at the beginning of the war: it is Ukraine now defends the civilizational choice of all of Europe and the Western world as such. And now, in fact, it is Ukraine that is fulfilling the NATO mission that the alliance set for itself. Therefore, Reznikov believes, NATO countries are not providing assistance to Ukraine quickly enough, recognizing the fact that Ukrainians, among other things, are saving them from Russia.

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