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Manipulation Ukrainian military shot several civilians dead while attempting to shoot down Iranian drones

It was reported by Russian websites regarding the German publication Der Spiegel. During the shooting down of drones, bullets from small arms allegedly hit random people. However, it isn't true.

Russian propagandists twisted the ending of Jörg Römer's article "How Ukraine shoots down Russian kamikaze drones." The journalist wrote, "Ukrainians should be careful with such shots so that the bullets do not hit civilians. Many people have already died from such shots."

StopFake analysts reached out to Römer for an explanation. He replied that it was a general statement, not about Ukraine's deaths. After that, the journalist added the last sentence of the article: "Many people have already died from such shots in other places." And added a link to his other article, "Every bullet fired upwards falls downwards."

Russian propagandists resort to such manipulations to show that Russian attacks on Ukrainian cities don't endanger civilians. Thus, they shift responsibility for their crimes to the Ukrainian army.

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