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Fake Ukrainian military cannot reach the level of military training according to NATO standards

This news is spreading on social networks, in particular in the Russian segment of Facebook. Reports say that Ukrainian military personnel allegedly failed to succeed in close combat and physical training exercises. They have not learned firearms and tactical training, they have a low level of morale and motivation. Like, the comprehensive standards of military training of NATO and the United States are unattainable for 95% of the Ukrainian military. Attached to the message is the so-called Washington Report. However, the document is generally falsified.

According to the StopFake fact checkers, the document was forged for a number of reasons, in particular:

First, the form on which this "document" is published is not used for such reports. The form template is posted on the official website of the US Army, so downloading it is not problematic;

Secondly, this "report" has many lexical and stylistic errors, which is unacceptable for such documents;

Finally,in the form itself, at the bottom of the first page, it is noted that records are not saved for a long time. That is, if such a document really existed, immediately after processing it would be destroyed.

Propagandists spread this news and try to undermine the authority of the Ukrainian army. It seems that the Russian military does not even have anyone to fight with, since the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are bad warriors. However, the numerous defeats of the Russian army testify to the contrary.

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