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Fake Armed Forces of Ukraine fired at a column of civilians in Zaporozhye

Such news is spreading by the Kremlin propaganda media, as well as by pro-Russian telegram channels. The reports say that it was the Armed Forces of Ukraine that fired rockets at the car market at the exit from Zaporizhzhia and hit the column that was trying to get into the temporarily occupied territory. However, this is an outright lie.

Today at 7:10 am Russian troops launched rocket attacks in the area of the car market near the Zaporizhzhia - Orikhov highway. At that time, there were dozens of civilians in cars trying to get into the temporarily occupied territories. Then 248 cars were registered for departure.

Mostly these are locals who transport household items, food products, and medicines to their relatives in the occupied territory. Among the wounded there is a volunteer from Melitopol, he is in serious condition in the hospital.

Deputy Head of the Office of the President Kyrylo Tymoshenko said that Russia fired 16 missiles from the S-300 complex at Zaporizhzhia. Four rocket strikes were carried out in the area of the car market, they also hit the exit point from the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine, where there was a column of cars with civilians heading to their relatives.

At the moment, there is information about 23 dead and 62 wounded who were taken to hospitals in Zaporizhzhia.

According to British intelligence, the Russian army probably used a long-range air defense missile not intended for ground targets to strike Zaporizhzhia.

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