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Fake Ukrainian children were surreptitiously taken to Turkey for the sake of British Satanists

False information is spreading on Facebook that supposedly Ukrainian orphans were secretly taken to Turkey without the permission of relatives or guardians, where they are now in the Larisa Beach Club hotel. The author of the post offered to come to the hotel with "gifts" - sweets or fruits. "Satanists from Britain paying for orphans to stay in a hotel will see that the people know about the children and therefore will be afraid to do something bad to them." The Georgian publication Myth Detector drew attention to the post.

The editors turned to the hotel administration and found out that Ukrainian children do live in the hotel, but not by themselves, but with teachers and guardians. At the moment, there are 1,000 children and 500 adults in two hotels of the chain - and they can live in hotels until the end of the war thanks to the Childhood Without War charity program. This program is supported by the Ukrainian Embassy in Turkey and the Ukrainian Consulate in Antaliia at the expense of large Ukrainian companies that finance the stay of children, especially orphans and children in difficult circumstances.

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