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Disclosure Russian propagandists spread fakes about Kherson in a new RT film.

Anton Krasovskyi, a director of the Russian-language speech of the RT channel, made a film about the occupied Kherson called “Russian Kherson. We've been waiting for this for 30 years." Many fakes, both historical and modern, were circulated in the film. For example, a fake that no one fought for Kherson, this is not true. Or that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are shelling residential buildings in Nova Kakhovka, but the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a missile attack on the military personnel. Or that Kherson is a Russian and Russian-speaking city, that in Ukraine it was forbidden to celebrate May 9 or speak Russian, or that the locals have been dreaming of "liberating" for decades.

This and other lies of the Russian propagandist were refuted by two regional publications “Watermelon. City" and "Bridge" at once. They also named everyone with whom Krasovskyi spoke: they are exclusively collaborators who are now trying to impersonate the local authorities. Among them are Kyryll Stremousov and Volodymyr Saldo, as well as other not-so-well-known traitors. Not a single person who would not agree with the occupation is shown in the film. Krasovskyi also did not tell about pro-Ukrainian rallies at the beginning of the occupation, about the actions of partisans and torture, murders and abductions of Ukrainians in Kherson and the region.

This is the second time Krasovskyi has been making a film about “Russian cities” for his own channel. Previously, he was the producer of the same false film about Mariupol.

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