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Message Ukraine will never be accepted into the European Union.

Such a thesis is actively spread by Russian propagandists. In particular, one of the mouthpieces of the Kremlin, Vladimir Solovyov. "Ukraine will most likely never join the EU, the European "partners" have once again abandoned this country. Even if Ukraine becomes a candidate for EU membership, its chances of actually becoming a member of the union are very small. European leaders do not need Ukraine as part of the European Union," Solovyov stated. In these kinds of appeals, he quotes French President Macron at the conference on the future of Europe at the European Parliament in Strasbourg on May 9. Then Macron said that Ukraine's accession to the EU may take dozens of years, and therefore he suggested creating some new format of cooperation with the countries that are close to the European Union in spirit, but not part of it. As the fact checker of the Brekhunets project writes, Macron did make such a statement, but he also added that "by its struggle and its courage, Ukraine is already a member of Europe and the Union". And he sees the prospect of creating a new "European political community", including welcoming Ukraine, in particular in parallel with the procedure of accession to the EU, which could last "dozens of years". These words do not say that Ukraine is not wanted in the EU and will never get there, but Russian propaganda benefits from spreading this thesis once again, indicating that no one needs Ukraine except Russia, which seeks to "liberate" it from the awful. influence of the United States and European Union countries, which only use it.

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