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Disclosure Ukraine is preparing to attack Transnistria, says the occupiers’ document

Such a document was circulated on social networks, in particular on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. The document says that the Ukrainian leadership sends fighters to the cities of Ukraine bordering Moldova. Before the publication of the so-called document, the authors add that the Armed Forces of Ukraine “intend to carry out an armed provocation in Transnistria”. 

Analysts from the Center for strategic communications and information security investigated this case and found that the document was fake. As analysts explain, the “document” includes a number of inaccuracies, in particular:

The fake document does not conform to the standard format used by the Ukrainian military command;The wording used in the “document” is not typical of official business language;

The authors of the “document” made grammatical and spelling errors.

Transnistria is a self-proclaimed unrecognized state located between Ukraine and Moldova. According to the legislation of Moldova, Transnistria has the status of an Autonomous Territorial Unit with a special legal status. The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe recognizes the territory of Transnistria as occupied by Russia. Moldovan President Maia Sandu said that Russia plans to carry out a coup d'état in the country. At the same time, against this background, Russian propaganda was spreading messages that it was Ukraine who wanted to make provocations on the territory of Moldova.

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