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Message They put a stop to hospitalization of Ukrainian civilians

This message was spread by propagandists on social networks and the Kremlin media. The report says that the hospitalization of Ukrainians in Kyiv is ending. According to the propagandists, this was due to “overcrowded beds by the military from the front”. Like, because of the large number of wounded, there are no more places for sick civilians.

As VoxCheck explains, in early December, the Ministry of Health did recommend that regional military administrations consider suspending planned operations and hospitalizations. However, the reason was the systematic massive shelling of the energy infrastructure by Russia, and, accordingly, threats of a possible complete blackout. The recommendations refer to the stabilization period of the energy supply.

However, the recommendation does not mean a complete ban on hospitalization, and subsequently a possible operation. The final decision is made by the doctor depending on the patient's condition.

This message is aimed at destabilizing the mood of Ukrainians and discrediting the “incompetent” government. It seems that at the front “everything is so bad” that civilians are not given the opportunity to receive decent treatment.

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