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Message The West is captivated by Russia’s “effectiveness” on the battlefield

This thesis is being spread on social networks in the Russian segment, in particular on pro-Kremlin telegram channels. The authors write that the Russians are allegedly moving quickly at the front and making bold decisions that are “destructive for Ukrainians”. At the same time, Ukraine’s partners, according to the authors of the message, are carried away by the advancement of the Russian military on the battlefield.

Specialists from the Center for Strategic Communication and Information Security determined that there were no statements from official missions of the United States or the EU. That is, this is not the position of the US or EU authorities - but propagandists simply threw in such information. By comparison, US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland recently commented that she was, on the contrary, amazed at the progress Ukraine has made, especially in the south.

Thus, the Russians are trying to sow panic among citizens, saying that Ukrainian partners are already carried away by Russia’s achievements on the battlefield. Russia wants to strengthen its narrative about the “failure of the counteroffensive” and discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine, allegedly the Ukrainian military is not coping with the assigned tasks.

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