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Fake The journalist who published the “investigation” of the purchase of the villa by the Zelenskyi family was allegedly “killed”

Pro-Kremlin media are spreading information that allegedly after another scandal related to the “purchase” of the villa of Hitler’s propaganda minister Goebbels for 8 million euros, Zelenskyi decided to get rid of the so-called investigative journalist who had previously exposed the purchase of other real estate; namely, the villas of Zelenskyi’s mother-in-law. It's a lie.

Fact-checkers of the EU vs Disinfo project explained: firstly, just like the first case of buying a villa, the second one is not true. Let’s say, with regard to the so-called villa of Zelenskyi’s mother-in-law, the “investigation material” includes many factual errors. The authors provide a photo of an alleged document about the purchase of real estate, where the future owner of the house is indicated. So the document says that Olha KIYASHKO owns the house, although according to the current standards of the state migration service, the transliteration on all documents would look like this: Olha KYIASHKO. The authors did not prove the authenticity of such a “document” and did not explain where they got it from. That is, the contract for the purchase of the villa at least definitely does not concern Olha Kyiashko.

And the identity of the investigative journalist himself raises many questions. Since, upon request in the search engine, Mohammed Al-Alawi investigative journalist gives only a link to the material about this villa and no additional information about the person - it is most likely that this name was invented. That is, they killed no one, because such a person simply does not exist and no one bought the villa.

Also with the second example of “taking possession” of real estate: quite recently, Russian propagandists were convincing people that the Ukrainian president allegedly acquired the former villa of the main propagandist of the Third Reich. In support of such theses, a video of a “former employee” of a Berlin real estate company was attached. The woman called herself Sabine Mels.

However, it was not possible to establish a connection between the so-called Sabine Mels and the Berlin real estate company. And when asked in a search engine, “Sabine Mels” gives just a link to material about this villa and nothing more. In this case, the situation is repeated: most likely, the name of this person was also invented.

As for the “investigation” video, it was published on an inactive YouTube channel, where there are only three videos. One of these videos is dedicated to the ultra-right movement. The author posted a story from the Indian news service WION about the growing number of sympathizers of the German Alternative for Germany (AfD) party. The second video is called “anti-fascists agreed to tell” and the author himself, throughout the third video, talks about the “purchase” of a villa, wearing a T-shirt with the inscription “Antifaschistische aktion” (anti-fascist action). According to the German Federal Service for the Protection of the Constitution, this movement belongs to left-wing extremists. Anti-fascism (opposition to Nazism and fascism) as an ideology can have different “dimensions” of development: left, liberal, etc. The Federal Service, among other things, cited cases of violence from members of such communities: you can read here.

In the end, Russian propaganda is trying to portray Ukraine as a cradle of corruption in order to devalue and neutralize Ukrainian intentions to combat corruption and further European integration measures. Allegedly, Ukrainian officials are buying up real estate with misappropriated funds from Western partners. In addition, the fight against corruption is one of the requirements of European integration. By spreading such fakes, propagandists are trying to show that corruption in Ukraine allegedly cannot be corrected, so it will not be accepted into the EU or NATO.

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