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Manipulation The Finnish president canceled dinner with the Swedish king because of Putin's speech, where he compared himself to Peter I

When the Russian propaganda ends in fantasy, the British tabloids come to their aid. Today, the Russian media spread the news that Finnish President Sauli Niinisto and his wife had allegedly "quickly" left Sweden without even staying for the evening's cultural program with the Swedish royal family. It seems that the Finnish president flew home quickly because Russian President Vladimir Putin reminded him of the Russian Empire's and Peter I's successes in the war with the Swedes. He allegedly hinted at and threatened the countries now about to join NATO. All this "news" referred to an article in the Daily Mail.

Indeed, there is an article in the tabloid where "Putin's threats" are called "those who freeze the blood" of European politicians, and that it is because of these threats that "Putin is tickling the nerves" of his neighbors, the Finnish leader interrupted his visit. However, the article states that the Swedish side was warned about the possibility of the urgent return of the President of Finland. And Helsinki officially denies that the president returned home because of any statements by Putin. The British publication did not provide evidence other than its own opinion on why the visit was reduced. Furthermore, the Russian media even deleted from the article of the British tabloid the mention of refuting such speculations and the phrase that the possible reduction of the visit was known even before it began.

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