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Fake In Italy, 50% of people support Russia in the war

Russian propagandists are once again using "foreign journalists" who are often of Russian descent or close ties to Russia, but not journalists at all - to promote narratives of "Western Russophobia" or "Western support for Russia." This time, they used Swiss citizen Guy Mettan, who said that Italy had already "recovered from Russophobia" and that after three months of the war, Russia supported "50% of Italians." It is a fake - since the beginning of the war, the number of Italians who support Russia in the war against Ukraine - 5-7%, but it does not change. Indeed, the share of those who do not help both sides has increased to almost 50%.

It is a bunch of fakes in one. First, neither the United Kingdom, Ukraine, nor any other state or international organization recognizes the "court decision" that found three foreigners, two British citizens and one Moroccan, guilty and "sentenced" to death. This sentence is illegal and will be recognized as another war crime of Russia and its puppet groups.

But Guy Mettan's statement, spread by the Russian media, is irrelevant at all. According to investigators, Mettan has been repeatedly accused of spreading Kremlin propaganda and is a Russian citizen.

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