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Fake The commander of the 123rd Territorial defense forces brigade is trying to get consent from the military for cremation

Russian media broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric and in the Ukrainian segment of Facebook are distributing a document in which servicemen of the 123rd Territorial defense forces brigade are forced to agree to cremation in case of death. The bogus order states that such a need arose as a result of the “high number of brigade casualties” and “limited logistics to the rear areas”. It's fake.

The case was investigated by the fact-checkers of the StopFake project. They checked the “document” with the InVID photo analysis tool and found that the print image differed from other text in terms of compression, so it was probably added in a graphics editor. Also, the wrong EDRPOU number of the military unit is indicated, and the signature of the commander of the unit, Colonel Roman Tokarenko, looks different.

On the Facebook page, the 123th Territorial defense forces brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine also reported that the document was fake. StopFake fact-checkers also took a comment from the brigade, representatives said: “This order is the IPSO of the occupying state, aimed at demoralizing the personnel of the brigade and Ukrainian society. The command of military unit A 7052 never gave any such orders”.

Thus, the Russian propaganda is trying to sow panic among civilians and military personnel, saying that Ukraine has many losses at the front. Earlier, we refuted the fake that in Ternopil they threaten to turn off gas and hot water to conscripts who do not come to the Territorial center of recruitment and social support.

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