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Fake Russia received more than twenty thousand documents confirming the work of American biological laboratories in Ukraine

Russian media cite Lieutenant General Ihor Kyrylov, commander of the radiation, chemical and biological defense forces of Russia. At the briefing, he said that allegedly during the full-scale invasion, Russia received more than twenty thousand documents confirming the work of American biological laboratories in Ukraine. Like, the Pentagon created components of biological weapons and tested them on Ukrainians and residents of other states bordering Russia. These messages also got into the foreign information space. However, this is not true.

The fact checker of the MythDetector project found out that the “documents” published by the Russian Ministry of defense are not evidence of the creation of biological weapons components in Ukraine. They are available in open sources. Moreover, the appendices to the order are presented without a signature or seal, so they have no official value. Some of these “documents” have been published previously.

The narrative about the development of biological weapons in Ukraine is one of the longest-running Russian propaganda narratives. Detector Media has repeatedly explained the origins of this information and refuted the fakes: the United States conducted training in Ukraine with pathogens of especially dangerous infections; The US has developed a drone that will transport “infected insects”; the work of biolaboratories led to an outbreak of African swine fever in Ukraine; American scientists tested biological preparations on patients in a mental hospital in Kharkiv; The US planned to use Ukrainian birds and mosquitoes to carry diseases to Russia. Russia also used the narrative about American biolabs in Ukraine to justify a full-scale invasion, but there is no real evidence about them.

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