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Fake In Denmark, they protest against the supply of weapons to Ukraine en masse

In social networks and telegram channels, messages are spreading allegedly about large-scale protests in Copenhagen. Users claim that they are allegedly protesting against the provision of weapons to Ukraine. It's fake.

There were indeed protests in Denmark, but they have nothing to do with the supply of weapons to Ukraine. According to VoxCheck, these are rallies against the abolition of the state holiday, which took place on February 6. The Danish government has proposed abolishing the public holiday on the Day of Great Prayer on 5 May. According to officials, this will help to quickly increase the country's defense budget. In response, the unions protested. There was no talk of the need to increase the defense budget through military assistance to Ukraine. The protesters also did not demand to stop helping Ukraine.

Thus, Russian propaganda is trying to distort information about the level of support for Ukraine abroad. They say that citizens of Western countries are holding rallies demanding to stop the supply of weapons to Ukraine. Previously, propaganda spread fake news about protests in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Moldova, Belgium, etc.

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