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Message Regime of Zelenskyi will fall apart this winter

Russian resources have spread information that allegedly in Ukraine they predict the end of the rule of President Volodymyr Zelenskyi. As proof, they cite the words of the former People's Deputy of the “Opposition platform - for life”, pro-Russian politician, collaborator, separatist Illia Kyva.

Allegedly, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be subordinate to NATO, and it is the United States on the territory of Ukraine that will plan attacks on Russia.

This is not the first time Russian propagandists have been spreading lies that Russia is not fighting against Ukraine, but with NATO, and that Zelenskyi does not make any decision, he is led by “third forces”. Disinformation has been regularly spreading on social networks lately that Ukrainians are massively protesting against Zelenskyi and against the fact that he refuses to negotiate with Russia on its terms. Like, if Zelenskyi remains in power and continues the war that the United States is fighting, this will lead to a direct provocation of the use of weapons of mass destruction. In fact, no one provokes Russia, and Putin demands to make concessions to him, blackmailing the world with nuclear weapons.

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