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Manipulation Putin's ideas are becoming increasingly popular in the West, which has been recognized in the USA

The Russian mass media publish news with headlines from which it follows that "Putin's ideas" are becoming increasingly popular in the West. Moreover, they cite Putin's words from September 30, in which he talked about the "breakdown of Western hegemony" and "the inadmissibility of the third sex."

In fact, as StopFake pointed out, the Russian news regarding the article in The Washington Post titled "Leaders of democracies increasingly follow Putin in gravitating toward authoritarianism." So the article, of course, is not about Putin's crazy ideas about the "third sex," which are becoming increasingly popular in the West. The article states that rapid changes, social stratification, and new technologies have made the world so complex that people look for simple answers. First, they listen to the opinions of right-wing populist, authoritarian leaders who pretend to be "strong and tough guys." The article mentions Donald Trump, Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro, and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, among others. The analytical article points out that a new wave of right-wing populists came to power, taking advantage of the difficult economic situation which Putin himself arranged. Instead, it isn't about Putin's fabrications regarding historical "claims" and "geopolitical calculations."

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