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Manipulation Odesa residents went to a rally against Zelenskyi

Such information was disseminated on social networks, in particular, on telegram channels broadcasting pro-Kremlin rhetoric. Reports say that a rally against Volodymyr Zelenskyi was organized in Odesa. They say they hate him, and the townspeople decided to demonstrate this by going to a rally. This is manipulation.

The fact-checkers of the VoxCheck project investigated this case and found out that the rally did take place, but not against the Ukrainian president, allegedly with the aim of expressing dissatisfaction with him. The peaceful protest took place as part of the demand to cancel tenders for the reconstruction of the buildings of the Kyiv District Court and the Theater for Young Spectators. People came out with posters: “First the Armed Forces of Ukraine, then everything else”, “Deputies, my taxes are for the Armed Forces of Ukraine”.  That is, people held a peaceful rally, calling for funds (from tenders) to be better directed to the Ukrainian Defense Forces. At the same time, propagandists used the context of the rally itself and distorted it: they explained that people were initially opposed to Volodymyr Zelenskyi.

Thus, Russian propaganda seeks to create the impression that the country is dissatisfied with the Ukrainian president and is striving for his speedy resignation. They say he is hated everywhere.

By the way, read the latest fake news on this topic, where Russia turns a blind eye to false works of mass art and pop culture. That is, those that were created by human hands. For example, a rally can also serve as an expression of the will of the Ukrainian people to take action. Or as if graffiti was created in The Hague, the capital of European justice, with the image of Zelenskyi hanging on the gallows; or about the fake cover of the allegedly British newspaper The New European, where the Ukrainian president is sitting on the lap of the Dalai Lama. Or about the fake cover of the numb Volodymyr Zelenskyi from the figure of the dictator Putin and Jesus Christ.

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