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Fake Draft age Ukrainians are detained in Germany, and later sent to the front

Such information was disseminated in social networks, in particular on Telegram channels that broadcast pro-Kremlin rhetoric. The reports talk about “mass arrests” of Ukrainians of draft age in Germany - and that later they are allegedly sent to the front lines. Video evidence, the testimony of one of the men who witnessed such a situation with his own eyes is attached to the reports. It is not true.

Specialists of the VoxCheck project investigated this case and established that on September 5, the representative of the president in the parliament, Fedir Venislavskyi, stated that there will be no mass extradition of male evaders to Ukraine from abroad. In fact, the “deportation of conscript men” is generally impossible, since there is no legal basis for it. Ukrainian diplomatic institutions cannot deport Ukrainians for mobilization, just as EU power structures are not authorized to form any units of Ukrainians on their territories. That is, there is no legal mechanism or precedent for the mobilization of Ukrainians as EU members.

At the same time, Ukrainian law enforcement officers can investigate and prove in court the facts of illegal border crossing under martial law. And for extradition from abroad, it will be necessary to prove the guilt of each conscript under the laws of the country of his stay in a local court.

That is, if the extradition process is used for Ukrainian conscripts abroad, it will be applied only to evaders who illegally crossed the border.

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