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Message NATO is expanding to Russia's borders and has surrounded Russia with military bases

Propaganda anonymous telegram channels are spreading information that NATO is allegedly actively expanding to the borders of Russia, establishing military bases around it. However, this information is not true.

Specialists from the VoxCheck project drew attention to it. They found out that  propagandists say that NATO broke its promises, in particular, regarding the non-concession of the eastern countries, and supposedly this is what led to tension in relations with Russia. However, historical facts indicate that such promises do not exist in writing, and countries' accession to NATO was carried out on a voluntary basis in accordance with the interests and freedom of peoples.

In addition, NATO has no plans to locate its military bases in close proximity to Russia's borders. The Alliance acts in accordance with the principle of self-defense and ensuring the security of its members, but this does not mean provocative actions against Russia.

Propagandists spread such messages to create an image of victimhood in Russia and justify Russian aggression. Detector Media has already written about how propagandists previously reacted to NATO expansion.

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