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Fake Kyiv hospitals suspended planned hospitalizations due to the large number of the wounded from near Bakhmut

This was written by some Russian media and anonymous telegrams.

Allegedly, planned hospitalizations were suspended in Kyiv for an indefinite period, as hospitals are overflowing with wounded soldiers from the Bakhmut direction. This is allegedly evidenced by a report by the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, which says that “only one such hospital receives up to 100 seriously wounded soldiers per day”.

The suspension of planned hospitalizations in Kyiv is not at all connected with “overcrowding of hospitals”, but with continuous Russian shelling of the energy system and other critical infrastructure of Ukraine, which entails possible emergency shutdowns of electricity, heat and water supply.

In early December, Deputy Minister of Health of Ukraine Mariia Karchevych announced that in case of a prolonged shutdown of electricity, heat and water supply in Ukraine, the Ministry of Health would suspend planned hospitalizations and operations in hospitals.

The statement of propagandists that hospitals in Kyiv are overflowing with wounded Ukrainian soldiers brought to the capital from the direction of Bakhmut has no evidence. The authors of such publications refer to a report in the newspaper Corriere della Sera, which allegedly confirms this thesis. The journalists of the publication do write that the hospital they managed to visit is overflowing with wounded soldiers, but the medical institution referred to in the report is not located at all in Kyiv, but near Bakhmut.

‘Yesterday afternoon we reached the Lyman hospital, a town about fifty kilometers east of Bakhmut, where dozens of seriously wounded were stabilized by doctors before they were rushed to the major medical facilities in Dnipro and Kyiv. The center is deserted, the destruction is enormous: perhaps, out of more than 30,000 inhabitants at the beginning, a few thousand now remain”, the Corriere della Sera article says.

Currently, Bakhmut in the Donetsk region remains the hottest spot along the entire frontline with more than 1300 km of active hostilities. Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Maliar said that medical facilities in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine are overloaded and unable to cope with a large number of wounded Russian occupation troops.

Russian propaganda deliberately spreads disinformation about the losses of the Ukrainian army in order to emotionally put pressure on the Ukrainians and divert attention from the losses in their own army. Earlier, they said that the Ukrainian authorities are lying to the Ukrainians, that there are no losses in the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the losses near Bakhmut are colossal.

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